Math Tutoring


Above Grade Level math tutors teach math concepts to students at any grade level in the comfort and convenience of your home. Our math tutors are mathematics experts and are qualified to address the specific math areas in which your son or daughter needs help.

Our expertly-developed math curriculum is designed to improve your child’s math grades and increase their confidence in all subjects. Here are a few of the math subjects and grade level tutoring we offer.

  • Kindergarten Math Tutors
  • Elementary and Middle School Math Tutors
  • Algebra and Geometry Tutors
  • High School Math Tutors
  • Pre-calculus and Advanced Math Tutors
  • And more…

Our unique program for math tutoring begins with a standardized student evaluation. This evaluation was developed by professors at the University of California, Berkeley. The evaluation pinpoints your student’s academic strengths and weaknesses. From the evaluation, we identify the specific areas the student needs tutoring help and design a customized learning plan.

The learning plan forms the foundation for our in-home math tutoring and is administered, along with our proprietary curriculum, by our expert tutors.  Our tutors can also instruct your child with lessons they are currently taking in school to ensure their success. Our Above Grade Level tutors also mentor your child in developing effective study habits. These foundational study habit skills instill self-confidence to ensure your child performs well at school.

This strategy is the basis for the in-home instructional program administered by our specialized math tutors. Our math help programs not only help with the scholastic subject matter, but also help your child to develop practical study habits which can create self-esteem in their math abilities. Our tutors will help your children with the classes they are already taking, to ensure immediate success.


Kindergarten Math Tutors

If your little one is a brand new pupil in Kindergarten and is being taught beginner math concepts, our math tutors can help them establish a solid math foundation. Above Grade Level’s in-home math tutors can help your Kindergartner learn math creatively to develop a positive math learning experience. For example, your Kindergartner will enjoy reasoning abstractly, counting, addition and subtraction, comparing shapes and much more.


Elementary and Middle School Math Tutors

Elementary and Middle School students require skills in operations and algebraic thinking. The Above Grade Level math evaluation and learning plan provide the road map to address the student’s learning gaps. Your child’s personal math tutor will teach them the necessary math skills to increase their math proficiency in the classroom. Acquiring math skills in Elementary and Middle School builds your child’s self-confidence resulting in higher grades. These math skills form the foundation for excelling into high school math.


High School Math Tutors

Excellent math skills are critical for students considering Advanced Placement courses for college and university entrance preparation. Above Grade Level’s math tutors equip college bound senior high school students with the math skills they need to meet this challenge. Above Grade Level’s math tutors are experts in preparing your student for high school algebra, geometry, trigonometry, or calculus. Here are a few of the services offered by Above Grade Level math tutoring.

  • Algebra Tutors
  • Geometry Tutors
  • Advanced Math Tutors
  • Pre-Calculus Tutors
  • Calculus Tutors
  • And more…

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