Tutoring FAQ’s

Why In-Home Tutoring?

Rather than driving your youngster to an education center, tutoring is carried out within a comfortable learning surrounding, your home. This is where the student is most confident and diversions can be minimized. The student receives individual treatment. At the same time, parents save time and ensure that tutoring is performed according to the selected timetable.

Why 1-to-1 tutoring?

Your child ought to get the exclusive interest of the tutor. This is not achievable when the tutor is responsible for dealing with a number of children at the same period of time. Working one-on-one with the student allows us to center on their specific needs and tailor instruction to suit his or her style and rate of learning.

How is Above Grade Level Different?

Above Grade Level uses Research-Based Best Practices as recommended by leading experts in tutoring.

These recommendations include:

  • In-home tutoring. Rather than driving your son or daughter to a learning center, tutoring is completed within a familiar studying atmosphere, your house, where distractions can be decreased.
  • Application of analysis resources. Our skill evaluations in math and reading were developed by professors at the University of California, Berkeley, and are keyed to individual State Standards.
  • Trained and qualified tutors. Our tutors are screened and tested to make certain of their ability to teach the studies assigned to them. Tutors are either credentialed teachers or specialists with university training in the course.
  • Tutoring solutions that engage the learner in an active learning method. Our multi-sensory technique employs a designed curriculum that ensures optimal learning results.
  • Mentoring children in the best study habits. We not only teach the subject matter, but we also teach the student the best way to become a more efficient student.
  • Mentoring parents regarding the best ways to keep up the learning process. Parents find out how to help their child to keep up effective learning.
  • Tracking session to session progress. We supply consistent evaluations to parents to ensure you are able to observe the scholastic growth your child is making.
  • Use of ongoing feedback. Students enjoy constant feedback. This feedback enables them see how they are improving.
  • Formal and informal evaluations. The tutored students are continually tested to make certain that they are establishing a groundwork of concepts needed for long-lasting success.
  • Collaboration with classroom teacher. We recommend the student’s teacher work collaboratively with us to ensure effective learning in the classroom.

Why are structured evaluations important?

At Above Grade Level, we think that an efficient tutoring course really should begin with an accurate analysis of your student’s scholastic strengths and weaknesses. So, we deliver a thorough analysis developed by professors at the University of California, Berkeley that is keyed to State Standards for every grade level. This ensures that we can easily recognize the areas where your student may have missed vital skill-sets or needs specific attention. The educational program is structured to fill-in any gaps in previous learning so future effectiveness can be assured.

Compared to the evaluations offered by many other tutoring professionals, which they have developed on their own, the evaluation we utilize was actually created by professionals in the industry and is keyed to the State Standards that your child’s school follows at each grade level. This gives us a comprehensive view of how your daughter or son is performing in each of the subject areas that they will be expected to master in school.

This evaluation has a value of $150. We offer it free of cost so you can discover precisely where your child’s strengths and weaknesses are in areas like mathematics and reading. The evaluation takes around 30-45 minutes and is taken by your child online at a time which best meets your household routine. We then arrange for a free of charge, in-home consultation to go over the final results in detail with you. There is no cost or obligation for this meeting. Whether or not you decide to arrange for tutoring for your child, you will be much better educated about his or her learning needs.

Will you work with my child`s teacher(s)?

Yes! We recommend that the student’s teacher to work collaboratively with us to ensure effective learning in the classroom.

How many tutoring sessions will my child need each week?

The amount of tutoring visits depends on the needs of the student. As soon as the evaluation is finished, we can create an educational program. We will then propose how many visits may well be required to address the areas where the student needs to have our assistance.

When can I have a tutor come?

Tutors come to your house to work with your child according to the routine that works best for the child and your family members.

How long are the learning sessions?

Sessions may be one to two hours, depending on what works best for the individual, as well as the learning course.

What training do the tutors have?

Our tutors are screened and tested to ensure their ability to teach the courses assigned to them. Tutors are either credentialed teachers or specialists with university training in the subject matter.

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