Summer Tutoring Programs

Summer Tutoring Arizona Programs

Tutoring Students in Summer Programs – Summer vacation offers a much-needed break for students, but the extended vacation can set them back and they can lose some of the academic progress they have made during the year. Above Grade Level offers comprehensive summer programs to avoid the “summer slide” and equip your student to excel over the long summer recess. Your child will be confident and well prepared for their next grade level once the new school year begins.

Our summer tutoring programs provide a refreshing break to the daily grind of the school year. We start by designing a custom learning plan for your child based on the results of our Free Skill Level Assessment

In addition to personalized one-to-one programs we are offering small group instruction during the month of July in our Summer Scholastic Boot Camps.

Math Transition Program

This program equips your rising 9th grade student with a math comprehension level which instills confidence. This math skill-set is a necessary prerequisite for the demanding mathematical curriculum they will encounter in high school.  The Math Transition Boot Camp begins with our Free Skill Level Assessment which will determine the areas that each student needs to focus on.

Pre-calculus Summer Program

This program is designed for juniors and seniors in high school who are enrolling in demanding calculus courses. The personalized tutoring received in this program will prepare them to analyze, comprehend and solve difficult calculus concepts and operations.

Essay Writing Program

The Essay Writing Program was developed primarily for 6th – 8th grade students. This unique writing program focuses on analytical and creative writing techniques. Students learn to think critically and organize their thoughts into clear, cohesive ideas. The writing skills learned in this course will be valuable throughout their middle school, high school and college years.

PSAT, ACT or SAT Prep Programs

Our tutors work with prospective college students during their sophomore year of high school to prepare them for their PSAT exam and during their junior and senior years to prepare them for their ACT and SAT exams. Our tutors administer actual full-length practice tests, to ensure your student has a clear understanding of what will be asked on the actual exam. Once the practice test is scored, our PSAT, ACT and SAT tutors will customize a personalized study program to address your student’s area of need.

We reveal optimal methods for: uncovering the correct choice for multiple choice questions, how to organize thoughts and think creatively for essay portions, how to analyze question structure to select the best conclusion and how to manage exam time more effectively. Once our students apply these test-taking techniques, they will substantially increase their prospects for scoring higher on their examination.

Individual Summer Programs

In addition to our Scholastic Summer Boot Camps, students can benefit from our one-to-one, direct, personal summer programs.

Our summer programs and expert tutors will help your student master even the most challenging subjects. We can provide summer tutoring programs that give your child the extra advantage they need to sharpen their academic skills. This will ensure they are well prepared and confident for the new school year.

Your student will be helped, encouraged and mentored in the comfort and safety of your own home by their personal tutor using our proprietary curriculum. Our tutors can also instruct your child with subject material they have taken in school to ensure their academic success.

We match our expert tutors to your student’s learning style. They have a passion for teaching and impeccable character that will make learning fun again.

To track improvements during your student’s summer program, we keep reports to record learning progress. You and your child will be able to track their growth and positive change each step of the way. We visit often with parents to be certain the student’s progress is complying with everyone’s expectations and requirements.

With Above Grade Level’s In-Home Summer Tutoring Programs, you will never have to drive your son or daughter all around town or worry that their tutors are not giving them sufficient, personalized attention. You will never have to settle for national learning centers that provide cookie-cutter strategies and systems.

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