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Tutoring Programs – Above Grade Level of Albany

Does your child struggle in school? Are they spending too long trying to keep up with homework? Above Grade Level has a proven tutoring program that can help to improve your student’s academic ability and success through:

  • Standardized skills assessment from the University of California, Berkeley
  • Customized tutoring programs to meet the needs of your student
  • Effective teaching of learning skills and study tools to build a foundation for success
  • Measearble success with a grade improvement guarantee

Kelly Handy, owner of Above Grade Level of Albany, insures that we start each student with a standardized skills evaluation that was developed by professors at the University of California, Berkeley. We use the results from this evaluation to determine your students academic strengths and areas of improvement. This helps us create a customized tutoring program that specifically addresses the areas where the student needs extra help and guidance.

Using the customized curriculum, our tutors will travel to your home and work with your child to develop a solid foundation in the subject matter. We will also help them develop learning tools and study habits that will aid them throughout their life.

Through Above Grade Level’s Math and English tutoring program, we guarantee your student’s improvement by one full grade level or 10 percentage points after 35 sessions or you’ll receive 15 additional tutoring sessions free.

With our skills assessment and customized tutoring programs, we help your child develop effective learning and study habits. Above Grade Level’s tutoring program will aid your child in achieving success through their academic years and beyond. Contact us today for a free evaluation.

Math Tutoring

Effectively Addressing Your Student’s Math Challenges

Math skills are essential for everyone, no matter what kind of career they eventually choose. Problems understanding math concepts or carrying out mathematical calculations often become a huge challenge for students. They become intimidated by the subject and lose confidence in their ability to master it. For many students, there are specific problem areas where they lack full command and confidence. At Above Grade Level, we address this by giving extra attention to these specific math topics until the student has mastered them.
Arrange Tutoring by Qualified Experts in the Comfort of Your Home

Above Grade Level’s math tutors are qualified experts who will travel to your home to provide a world class tutoring experience that will transform your student’s math skills. Whether your child needs help with specific areas in math or requires guidance in applying general math concepts, we will ensure that your child has the knowledge and skills to fill every requirement. Our curriculum has been designed by qualified and highly skilled math educators to improve the learner’s grades as well as their confidence levels. This allows them to continue to tackle increasingly complex math problems.

Here is an overview of the math topics we cover for each grade level:

  • Kindergarten Level Math: When your little one is a brand new pupil in Kindergarten they are being taught beginning math concepts. At this stage it is critical to instill a solid math foundation so they can handle the subject with ease as they progress through school.

    Above Grade Level’s in-home math tutors will ensure that your child learns basic math concepts and develops a genuine liking of and interest in the subject right from this early age. Our creative teaching methods lay the foundation for a positive and fun-filled math learning experience.

  • Elementary and Middle-School Level Math: At this level, the focus is on teaching and developing skills in operational and algebraic thinking. The Above Grade Level Math Evaluation and Learning Plan first identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the student in these areas so that appropriate care can be taken in teaching the necessary topics. Our curriculum follows the Common Core State Standards as well, so we will be teaching your child in the same manner in which they need to learn for school.

    Your child’s personal Above Grade Level math tutor will ensure that the curriculum gives them the necessary math skills to excel at math in the classroom and outside. Our objective is to instill complete confidence in the student by providing a comprehensive training in math concepts and skills. This assures that both their grades and confidence levels improve dramatically. Armed with this solid grounding in math, the student will be fully equipped to improve their grades in high school math as well.

  • High School Level Math: For students preparing for university entrance tests or college advanced placement courses, math skills are an absolute necessity. At Above Grade Level, we have a complete understanding of the range of math prowess required here. Our math tutors have the qualifications, expertise and experience to ensure that your student is fully equipped to excel.

We offer comprehensive tutoring and guidance in the following areas right in your home:

  • Algebra I and II
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Pre-calculus
  • Calculus

If you child is struggling with their math skills, contact us for a free evaluation. Let us help your child improve their grades and build a foundation for future academic success. Request a free skills evaluation today.

English Tutoring

Communication skills lay the foundation for success in any chosen career. At Above Grade Level of Albany we understand the critical importance of gaining a strong command over the English language. Our expert tutors ensure that every student from Kindergarten through 12th grade gains the ability to communicate effortlessly, thanks to their mastery of the English language.

Specialized English Tutoring by the Experts

At Above Grade Level of Albany, our English tutors’ objective is to help the student feel completely at ease while appropriately helping to enhance the quality of their communications. By developing your child’s command of the language, we also help them comprehend school lessons and improve their overall performance significantly in all subjects.

One-to-One Tutoring to Maximize Learning and Comprehension

At Above Grade Level of Albany we focus on improving the student’s comprehension of the language as well as their ability to communicate with others with our one-to-one training. Our tutors fully understand the need to instill a love for the language in your child, and also work hard to boost each student’s self-confidence.

To ensure that your child’s English language skills and overall communication is enhanced, we offer several Language Arts specialty programs covering:

Reading Comprehension

Your childs academic success depends on their reading and comprehension level. If they have a solid foundation in reading and are able to keep up with their expected grade level, they will have a greater chance at success in all areas of school and life. At Above Grade of Albany, our tutors pay special attention to your child’s reading and comprehension and help them to develop and improve their skills. With individualized reading and comprehension training your child will not only keep up with their grade, but will excel in life.

  • Writing, Spelling and Grammar: Exceptional communications skills through clear and concise writing are key to academic achievement. Our tutors will assist your child to improve their writing, spelling and grammar skills so they can communicate more effectively and have greater scholarly success. Our proven system guarantees positive results for your child.
  • Advanced Placement: Above Grade Level also offers special programs for students aiming for College Prep or Advanced Placement courses. Our Advanced Essay Writing course is also an optional course for students preparing for college or starting their college courses.
  • Phonics and Vocabulary: Understanding phonetics is important in the process of learning to read. We will teach your child to recognize, understand and manipulate phonetics to give them a solid foundation in reading and writing. Command over an impressive vocabulary is also a necessary requirement that helps the student upgrade their learning capacity. Along with phonetics we will work with your student to increase their vocabulary. These are two focal points of our special language tutoring program at Above Grade Level of Albany.
  • English as a Second Language: Above Grade Level of Albany also offers custom-designed English courses for those who want to pursue English as a second language.
    Guaranteed Results with Above Grade Level’s English Tutoring.

Our curriculum is designed by experts to give every student the right kind of attention and training that will benefit him or her. We first evaluate the student’s current language skills to understand strengths and weaknesses using a program developed by professors from the University of California, Berkeley. Our next step is to develop a customized program that addresses all of the student’s unique training needs to be imparted along with our proprietary curriculum. Thanks to this customized curriculum (specific to each child), we can guarantee an improvement in the student’s grade by ten percentage points or one grade level.

We also assist the student with tips and tricks on studying effectively which they can implement with every subject in their school curriculum.

We offer a Free Skill Level Evaluation for our English tutoring. Sign up Today.

Science Tutoring

A thorough understanding of core concepts in science is absolutely necessary for every student’s success. Above Grade Level of Albany’s science tutoring offers an effective way to ensure that your student does not lack in this area. Our science tutors are not only subject matter experts, but also skilled in teaching complex concepts in a simple, easy to understand way. We work with students of all ages, right in your own home.

Nurturing an Appreciation of Science

Many students face immense challenges understanding and appreciating the nuances of science and these difficulties tend to persist even at the college level. In fact, this lack of understanding and the resulting loss of confidence can adversely impact their success with higher-level science classes and even graduation. Our Above Grade Level science tutors present the subject and its inherent concepts in such a way that the student can relate them to real life experiences and thus comprehend them quickly and easily.
Gain Comprehensive Understanding of Scientific Concepts

At Above Grade Level, our aim with science tutoring is to give the student an accurate and complete understanding of theories and practices that are part of the specific subject. This grounding gives the student the confidence and learning to succeed in every science-based subject in the school curriculum. Our tutors have the teaching skills, as well as a complete command over the subject matter to simplify complicated aspects and present them to the student in a way they can understand. This improves the student’s confidence level significantly, even when they have to tackle advanced science courses for higher education.

Our tutors offer help and guidance with the student’s school curriculum, helping them excel in homework, lab work, exams, projects and science experiments.
Above Grade Level’s tutors are committed to motivating the students to gain mastery in several areas of science including:

  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Science
  • Earth Science
  • … and more

Leave it to us to kindle your child’s interest in science and motivate them to explore complex scientific concepts. Under our guidance your child will gain the confidence to ask relevant questions at school and improve their understanding of school lessons as well. We also teach them appropriate study methods to retain information and understand concepts which will help improve their overall academic performance.

One-On-One Tutoring for Effective Teaching

Our unique evaluation and customized tutoring program strategy paves the way for your child’s success. Our one-on-one tutoring program starts with the student evaluation, developed at the University of California, Berkeley, which indicates the areas where special focus is required. Based on this, our tutors give extra attention to the student’s weak areas, adjusting our proprietary curriculum to most effectively be in line with your child’s needs and skills.

Mastery over science is necessary for success in grade school and college. Our in-home tutors are equipped to supplement your child’s science courses and move them forward to academic improvement and success. Call Above Grade Level of Albany science tutoring today to find out more about our in-home tutoring programs.

ACT & SAT Prep Tutors

High test scores are the ultimate aim of students hoping to get into prestigious schools of their choice for higher education. Our PSAT, ACT & SAT prep tutors are your best allies in these endeavors. Our tutors have the teaching skills and expert knowledge about these tests to help your child exceed expectations and receive high scores on these college entrance exams.

Make a Difference with Our ACT & SAT Tutors

To ensure students succeed, our tutors not only focus on content review, but also teach the methods, strategies, and time-saving efficiency skills that will help master these tests. Additionally, we focus on test taking analytic and critical reasoning skills, as well as improving confidence, resulting in higher test scores.

Score High and Lay the Foundation for a Successful Career

In addition to impacting college acceptances, high test scores also lay the foundation for a lucrative and successful career by giving the students the kind of educational background that makes them highly sought-after professionals.

At Above Grade Level, we work with actual College Board exams, and also evaluate each student, using a skills test developed by experts at the University of California, Berkeley, to understand the areas where they lack skills and confidence. We constantly motivate and encourage the students to set the bar higher for themselves and help them achieve new goals and thus instill unshakable self-confidence. In this way, we prepare them to face and conquer the highly competitive college or university admission tests that even the most accomplished students sometimes struggle to overcome.

Sign up Today for a Free Skill Level Assessment

Our in-home tutors offer guidance on dealing with exam stress, teach the student how to study effectively and remember critical information with clarity so that they can showcase their maximum potential in these tests. Our tutoring program includes full-length practice tests to give the student a clear idea of what is expected of them, and provide measurement in terms of improvement.

A Tailor-Made Tutoring Solution for Success

Above Grade Level’s tutors outline the most effective methods for answering multiple choice questions, keeping thoughts and ideas organized, analyzing the test questions and thinking creatively when required. We also guide them in managing the total test time most effectively. By applying these tips and tricks your student can excel on any high-level test.

At Above Grade Level in-home tutoring, we understand that your student’s needs are unique. That is why we offer a flexible, customized, tutoring program that can cover important areas like writing, math and critical reading. Upon the completion of our PSAT, ACT or SAT Prep tutoring, we can assure that your student is well on their way to success. Contact us today to learn more.
A Note from Kelly Handy, Owner of Above Grade Level of Albany

I know how hard it is to see a student struggling with their school work and, in turn their sense of self-worth. At Above Grade Level, we are dedicated to helping your child grow and achieve academic improvement and success. Watching a student gain the confidence they lack and advance to greater scholarly achievement is the highlight of what we do here at Above Grade Level.

Contact us today to give your child the adaptive help they need to succeed in school and in beyond.

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