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Is your child struggling in school? Maybe your child isn’t challenged enough? Above Grade Level in-home tutoring for Albany can help!!!

We guarantee a 10-point change in their grades or a full letter grade in writing or you don’t pay a dime. Not only that, but we will refund all your money to you as well.

Why Choose Above Grade In-Home Tutoring of Albany, NY?

  • Free Skill Level Assessment: We provide a free assessment designed to identify all learning gaps.
  • Customized Learning Plan: We design an individualized tutoring plan that is designed to correct your child’s learning gaps.
  • Back to Grade Level Faster: Our customized lesson plans and expert tutors will get your child back to grade level fast!
  • Tutoring That Works – Guaranteed: We guarantee your child will improve their performance by 10 percentage points or one letter grade!

Our Tutoring Is So Effective It’s Guaranteed!

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Above Grade Level of Albany‘s in-home tutoring is the very best at tutoring students individually and getting results.

In fact, Above Grade Level’s services are so effective, we completely guarantee that your student’s grade will increase by at least one grade level or 10 percentage points after 35 tutoring sessions, or we’ll give you 15 hours completely free!

★★★★★Above Grade Level has helped my daughter in so many ways! She’s excited about learning now, she wants to learn and I believe that’s because of her Above Grade Level tutor being able to see her as an individual. – Julie P.
★★★★★Our Above Grade Level’s tutor was so well trained and patient. We could tell by how well our daughter was progressing that this was going to help. – Sarla G.

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Save as Much as $150 with Our Skill Level Evaluation

In-home tutors [embed_custom_field Is your child struggling in school? Maybe your child isn’t challenged enough? Above Grade Level in-home tutoring can help!!!

We guarantee a 10-point change in their grades or a full letter grade in writing or you don’t pay a dime. Not only that, but we will refund all your money to you as well.

Why do we make these bold claims?

At Above Grade Level our tutoring plan includes only the best teachers and course developers found anywhere in the world. We draw on the world’s diverse education systems and tailor a special program that is uniquely suited for your child.

We test and evaluate each student according to our proprietary model of education and custom build a program that fits their special needs, strengths and dissolves the barriers that prevent them from getting ahead in academics and life.

Is your Child gifted?

He or she is probably not being challenged enough in their present classroom environment. If that’s true, then likely his or her attention is starting to wander, and your student becomes bored. Boredom is the first thing we get rid of, as this is the cause of many students failure in school. Our expert tutors are experienced with making learning fun as well as educational, while incorporating strict education requirements of the real world. Sometimes, the needs and goals of your child are not being met by today’s outdated and watered down curriculum plans that cater to the lowest common denominator. With an in-home tutor we can provide your child with a fresh and exciting curriculum of study that will encourage and motivate academic success.

We are the best because we hire only the best tutors

Our tutors are skilled in the teaching of English, reading, science and math. They use the most advanced learning methodology gleaned from the leading edge of education today. Tony Buzan’s Mind Mapping technology, advanced reading and memory training are only a few of the modalities we may use with your child depending on where our evaluation places them.

This ensures that not only will they exceed in their goals but it will also prepare them for higher education. The SAT II, PSAT, and the ACT exams are all tests that colleges and universities use to measure academic readiness and sometimes scholarship awards. We believe that Above Grade Level in home tutors can definitely help your student achieve a higher score.

Our success rate is such that parents of our student recommend us without question to their friends and relatives with children readying themselves for college life.

Our studies show that face to face individualized learning is the best way to help a child triumph in their academic and futures lives.

Above Grade Level in-home tutoring: We instill the correct Study habits that will last a lifetime

Our in-home tutoring goes far beyond the here and now.

Your child will learn specialized study skills that will last them a lifetime in a world where constantly you have to learn, relearn, and reinvent yourself in order to adapt the changing world.

Today’s work environment is volatile, where careers vanish without warning and new opportunities are available, only to those who can adapt and learn new skills quickly.

Your child will learn how to use their mind and reasoning skills, which makes them adaptable and flexible at a time when change is all around in the workplace.

We prepare your child for the future

You see why we here at Above Grade Level in-home tutoring, is the right choice for your child.

Our International team of curriculum developers, our skilled tutors, and propriety teaching methods that boost your child’s grades and change their study habits.

We prepare them for the rigors of college and beyond into a life where continuous learning is key to success in the workaday world.

If your child is gifted, prepping for college, or struggling in school, let above Grade Level’s team of skill professionals turn things around and guide your child on the road to success. Call or request your child’s free assessment online today!

About Above Grade Level of Albany, NY

[embed_custom_field Above Grade Level is an in-home tutoring service that caters to our students. No two people learn things the same way; this is why we structure our tutoring sessions around each student. Students can relax and learn in their own home. This is one reason why our in-home tutoring service really works.

In fact, we guarantee that your child will soon be learning a grade level above his current level, and at least 10 percentage points higher. We can give you this guarantee because we provide one-on-one teaching with a highly proven curriculum.

All the programs and materials that Above Grade Level uses were created by a worldwide team of experts in the field of education. They constantly revise and update these programs and materials to ensure each child is getting the best education possible. Is your child struggling to learn, and falling behind his peers? Is he on par with his classmates, and is looking for a bit of a challenge? Is your child gifted and in need of higher learning that regular schools will not offer? No matter what your child’s situation is, at Above Grade Level we customize every single program to meet the exact needs of each student.

Above Grade Level offers you the convenience of in-home tutoring. No more running all over town, and worrying whether the tutor is giving your child the attention he needs. With our in-home tutoring service, you are there to watch how we work one-on-one with your child. Don’t settle for national chains that teach every student the same way. We personalized every single education plan.

Why Our Clients Like Above Grade Level In-Home Tutoring

Our tutoring services are for all students from Kindergarten up to the 12th grade. We do offer college level courses for students who are ready for that level of learning. Our subjects include English, math, reading and science. We also offer SAT, ACT, and PSAT Prep tests.

All our students start with a Skill Level Evaluation. This will help us see where your child is struggling, or excelling. Once we have this information, we then create a custom learning plan for your child.

Your child’s tutor will take this learning plan and use it throughout the course of study. Tutors may also help children with any work they are currently doing in school. Our tutors become mentors who help your child develop work study habits that build their self-confidence and helps them perform better in their regular classroom.

Parents like that we guarantee their child will have positive results.

Parents and students alike love the fact that the tutor comes to them, instead of the student leaving home to go to some center. They also love the personal attention given to each student.

Skill Level Evaluation

The Skill Level Evaluation helps Above Grade Level In-Home Tutoring of Albany determine what your child’s strengths and weaknesses are. With this knowledge, we are able to create a personalized plan to suit your child’s educational needs. Register today for the Skill Level Evaluation for your child. There are no fees to take this test, it is completely FREE.

What Makes The Structured Evaluations So Essential?

The experts at Above Grade Level of Albany say it is vital that they know each child’s strengths and weakness in each academic subject. This helps the tutors know exactly where to begin and what skill-sets they need to teach your child. Our program is designed to help your child learn and grow academically.

Custom Designed Evaluation

While other tutoring services may create their own assessments, we use one that is created by a group of education professionals. Every FREE Skill Level Evaluation is designed to meet State Standards matched to the school your child goes to. This allows us to create a personalized program that will help your child in areas in which he is struggling.

Save BIG Money With Our Skill Level Evaluation

Evaluations similar to ours can cost up to $150. We choose to give our clients a FREE evaluation because we believe it is vital for us to know what your child’s strengths and weaknesses are. Your child can take the evaluation online, when it is convenient for your family. Plan at least 30 – 45 minutes for the test, but it may take some children longer. After the evaluation is complete, and we have a chance to look it over, we then set up a FREE in-home assessment to let you know what we learned. We do not charge you for this service, nor do we ask you for a firm commitment. It is your choice whether or not you want tutoring for your child. You can walk away, more informed about what your child knows and still needs to learn.

Call or request your child’s free assessment online today!

Above Grade Level Of Albany Tutoring Services


Tutoring Services

All tutoring sessions need to be completed within a set number of weeks, and follow the individualized learning plan designed for your child. We base our results on the Skill Level Evaluation and on any follow-up evaluations given by Above Grade Level of Albany, NY.

English/Language Arts

We feel that communication is important to the success of any student’s classwork. The ability to communicate verbally, as well as on paper, will help any child excel in school. Above Grade Level In-Home Tutoring services in Albany, NY always creates programs designed exclusively for each child to succeed.

Our in-home tutoring offers one-on-one learning in every English language learning area. It is important that children learn these aspects in order to master the English language. We design a program that goes above what your child may be learning in school. Here are just a few of the specialties we offer in the Language Arts:

  • English
  • Reading/ Reading Comprehension
  • Writing, Spelling and Grammar
  • Phonics and Vocabulary
  • ESL
  • Advanced Placement

Our English tutors will teach your child proper communication skills. No matter what grade level your child is currently in, our tutors will teach skills needed to communicate clearly.

Standardized Student Assessment

Our English language tutoring program always begins with a FREE Skill Level Evaluation. This test lets us know what academic strengths and weaknesses your child possesses. Using the information learned from this evaluation, we are able to custom design a learning plan to help your child excel in the areas in which he is currently lacking.

This learning plan is the foundation of our tutoring plan, and our expert tutors take it very seriously. The tutors follow this plan, as well as helping your child with any lessons he may be currently learning in school. Every Above Grade Level tutor excels in teaching your child how to develop effective study habits that will last a lifetime. Tutors teach self-confidence, which helps your child perform better in his regular classroom.

Reading and Reading Comprehension

In order for your child to be successful in school he must be able to read at grade level. He also needs to be able to understand and comprehend what he is reading. Knowing how to effectively read and comprehend what is read is an open doorway to academic advancement, and offers your child a lifetime filled with reading and learning.

Writing, Spelling, and Grammar

Our expert English tutors will teach your child proper communication skills and proper writing techniques. Once learned, this ability helps students move forward in their schooling. As your child completes his writing assignments, he will be learning how to write clearly, while using proper grammar and spelling all words correctly. Mastering these skills can only improve your child’s grades. Our methods are proven to work, this is why we offer a clear guarantee of positive results.

Advanced Placement & College Prep

Students in Advanced Placement or College Prep classes will be happy to know that Above Grade Level offers programs designed just for them. In fact, these students are welcomed to join our Advanced Essay Writing course. This class is really helpful in preparing for all those college entry exams. All students will find this class beneficial as they gain skills in their writing abilities.

Phonics & Vocabulary

A large, varied, and growing vocabulary is very important for your child to continue to grow and learn in his reading and writing skills. Above Grade Level of Albany has tutors that specialize in helping your child build a larger vocabulary.


Working one-on-one with a science tutor, your child will soon master a few scientific theories and practices. Above Grade Level customizes each science plan to help your child reach their goals. We offer challenging science courses to expand minds and set each child on a road to science success.

The main reason children lose interest in science is because it becomes too challenging for them. Unsure of what is being taught, and not wanting to ask questions in class because they feel their question might be so simple that other children will laugh at their lack of knowledge, children remain quiet, lose interest in the science lesson, and their grades end up suffering because of it.

Our tutors will help your child move beyond those science challenges, and help them become more interested in just what science has to offer. As you child gains confidence and knowledge working with his Above Grade Level tutor, he will begin to enjoy science more and more, and will eagerly anticipate his lessons.

Above Grade Level of Albany,ST believes that a strong background in the science field is very helpful in choosing a good career. Our experienced tutors excel in their chosen academic subject: we teach a variety of science classes, including physics, biology, and environmental science. Our science teachers specialize in teaching middle-school aged children and above. As always, we develop a science plan that will increase your child’s knowledge of science.

With the help of labs, experiments, science projects, homework, and exams, our highly skilled science tutors will be motivating, encouraging and mentoring your child as they walk the path of science and technology. We make learning science fun and interesting enough to hold the attention of any child who once found science boring. A student that excels in sciences will find that he also excels in other academics and will also succeed in life.


Above Grade Level math tutors will help your child in any specific area in which he needs the help. Our highly qualified teachers can teach at any grade level.
Our math curriculum was created by an expert panel and is designed to help all student’s improve their math grades as they gain confidence in their ability to master new math concepts.

Below are the grade levels we tutor, and the math subjects we teach at each level:

  • Kindergarten
  • Elementary and Middle School
  • High School
  • Algebra & Geometry
  • Pre-Calculus & Advanced Math

Standardized Student Assessment

Our math tutoring program begins with your child taking the FREE Skill Level Evaluation. This lets us know what your child already knows about math, and what he needs to learn. This information helps us create a unique math plan that is perfect for your child.

Our math programs will teach your child practical study habits, as well as teaching them the subject matter. As your child begins to master math, they also increase their self-esteem. Our tutors also help students with any math work they are currently working on in school. This allows your child to see immediate success in school.

Kindergarten Tutors

Our math tutors help your Kindergarten child understand the beginning math concepts that he is working on in school. Above Grade Level tutors teach math in a fun and engaging way that gets young children involved as they learn to count, add, subtract, learn about shapes, learn how to reason abstractly, and so much more. Young children learn best when they have fun doing so.

Elementary & Middle School Tutors

Elementary and Middle School students should be learning the skills needed in algebraic thinking and in operations. Our Above Grade Level tutors will teach your child the math skills needed to help them increase their math ability in their classroom. As children acquire higher and higher math skills, they are also building their self-confidence, which can only result in getting better grades. Learning these basic math skills now will help your child excel in high school math.

High School Tutors

Students who want to take Advanced Placement courses need to have excellent math skills. This is vital if they are to thrive in high school and college math courses. Above Grade Level offers college bound students enough math courses to meet any challenge. Our experienced math tutors are prepared to teach any of the following subjects:

  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Calculus

    ACT & SAT Prep Tutors

    Getting into a college or university is a huge competition right now. Even the smartest students have to work hard to gain entrance. Taking college entrance exams is a stressful time for all students. Above Grade Level has tutors that specialize in helping students achieve high grades on the ACT, PSAT, and SAT tests.

    All the top universities and colleges take great stock in these test scores. Scoring high on the ACT, PSAT, or SAT will help increase your child’s chances of getting into their school of choice.

    Working with the smartest, and often the most dedicated students, our tutors help each student get high scores on any of these entrance exams. Our tutors encourage and instill confidence in your child by helping them understand that they can achieve great grades on these tests by simply doing their best. Our methods must be working because many of our students do get into the college or university that they chose.

    Call us, or contact us online today!

    Albany Tutoring Services Guarantee


    Our Guarantee

    We are so sure of our expert tutors that we do guarantee that your child will improve by at least one grade level within 35 tutoring classes in English or math. If we fail to elevate your child’s educational standards, we will give you 15 extra hours of tutoring for FREE. This is our guarantee to all our clients.

    Call us, or contact us online today!

    About Above Grade Level of Albany


    Our Strategy For Success

    The Above Grade Level In-Home tutoring programs for college prep are all designed to help your child get a much higher score on the ACT, PSAT, or SAT exam than he otherwise would without the extra encouragement and help from our experienced tutors. We prepare them to take the test without worrying about whether or not they will pass. Our students have enough confidence to know that they will pass the exam with high marks.

    During our in-home tutoring sessions, our tutors will give your child a full-length practice test. This helps your child understand what the whole test entails. After your child takes the test, and the tutor grades it, the tutor them designs a study program to help your child in those areas where he still needs help.

    Our one-on-one tutor always thinks about the unique needs of your child, as well as making sure any program fits their particular style of learning. This is all done to ensure the best possible outcome – high grades on college entrance exams. Students are taught the best test-taking techniques, as well as learning how to choose the best answer in multiple choice questions. They will also learn how to organize their thoughts and think creatively enough to write proper essays. Tutors also teach students how to analyze the structure of each question in order to choose the best answer. As students learn all of this, plus learn how to manage their time while taking the test, they are only helping themselves achieve high scores on these exams. That is the ultimate goal.

    A Proven System

    All of our ACT, PSAT, and SAT programs offer students the chance to take a full-length practice exam. This helps the students understand what type of questions will be on the exam itself. Our tutors agree that giving students these practice exams is a valuable lesson: they allow students to practice the test-taking skills that their tutors taught them.

    We offer students help with writing, math, and critical reading; or, we can design a program to suit the needs of each student. We work hard to replace their fear of these entrance exams with confidence that they can march right in that room and pass the test with ease. After students complete the ACT, PSAT, or SAT prep course they will know the techniques of taking tests, and have all the experience, knowledge and confidence they will need to get top scores on any ACT, PSAT, or SAT test they take. Success is what Above Grade Level In-Home Tutoring service is all about.

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