New Jersey

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Union County

Fun facts about the state of New Jersey:

Welcome to New JerseyNew Jersey is based just outside New York City and is estimated to have a population of around 8,500,000 individuals that live in the location. However, the population of New Jersey continues to grow over time and now has the ninth largest population in the United States. Through out the 1990’s the population of New Jersey began to grow and a further million new inhabitants began living in the area. The increase in population continues and means that in the year 2025, a total of roughly 9,500,000 individuals will be living in the area

Based next to the city of New York is the city of Newark. This is the largest city in New Jersey and contains a thriving art scene and a wide range of cultural elements. The city life has a bustling feeling to it. A wide selection of travel methods are available in New Jersey and are used by over 100,000 individuals every day in order to get to and from work. The metro is one of the more popular forms of travel, and connects with the New York metro. The main road that leads into Newark is Route 21.

New Jersey is also known for its selection of sports and is famous for the American Football team, the New York Giants. Having worked their way up to the east division, the team are based in New Jersey but represent the Metropolitan area of New York. A sporting team that are also based in New Jersey are that of the Garden State RollerGirls. This team of girls who race around tracks on roller skates have a league that is based in New Jersey and is designed to develop teams that can then go and compete with other roller girls from other areas.

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