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Why Above Grade Level?

A teacher instructs a schoolboy in a high school classAbove Grade Level provides an internationally proven in-home tutoring and academic enrichment program based on over 25 years of experience in assisting students with mathematics, English and many other subjects. We work with a wide variety of students, including those who want to maintain good grades, need challenging enrichment programs or are experiencing difficulties at school. By helping these students excel as learners, Above Grade Level ensures that they gain the confidence and skills needed to succeed at home, at school and in their future careers.

To prepare students for the increasing academic challenges they face, it is essential that problem areas receive prompt attention. If students do not understand basic concepts in the early grades, these gaps quickly widen, and they may lose interest or confidence in their abilities, leading to poor grades and inadequate preparation for later subjects. As a result, they may fall further behind. At Above Grade Level we fill-in these gaps to ensure that students understand and enjoy their studies.

The process begins with a comprehensive on-line assessment developed by professors at the University of California, Berkeley that pinpoints problem areas in math and reading. Then, a customized learning plan is developed to ensure academic success as the student progresses. This curriculum forms the basis for the in-home instructional program conducted by our professional tutors that ensures that students are meeting the requirements of their school’s academic program. Tutors also help students with the subjects they are currently taking so they can achieve immediate success.

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